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Personalized Dosing

Enhance your experiences with a curated selection of dosing capsules and edibles for all lifestyles


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Unlock the powerful wellness supplement your mind and body have been looking for with Super Herbs and Functional Mushroom daily capsules


With the microdosing stigma now removed, most people are wondering: where do I start?

Your dosing journey is your own. That’s why we’ve created different blends to fit your lifestyle choices as you begin to water your mind.

Essential Stack

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Stacked with ZumGarden’s best-selling products, our only bundle featuring all the most popular capsule blends is your dosing essentials go to, no cap. Whether you are sticking to a dosing protocol or dose intuitively when the vibe is right, this stack is appropriate for all dosing levels. Dialed and Boost have your day to day dosing needs covered and Party is your essential go to when you want to level up for a night on the town. Discover your dosing best and put this trio to the test.

ZumGarden Dosage Guidelines – Meet your most productive self with 1-2 Dialed capsules on dosing days. Have a higher tolerance or want to level your dose up for your fitness routine? Add 1 capsule or swap for the Boost. To get the social buzz flowing, try 1 piece of the Party Chocolate Bar. Party is our strongest blend, so start low and slow if you are sensitive.

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