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So how does Microdosing really work?

Approaches to dosing, mind and body effects, real life use cases,
we’ve got you covered…

Microdosing is consuming small amounts of a psychedelic compound, typically in the range of 50 – 500mg. The goal is not to “get high”, rather to experience the subtle effects of your medicine of choice in order to unlock its benefits. Psilocybin, the active ingredient compound in magic mushrooms, can help boost creativity, increase focus and productivity, and provide more awareness of self. When paired with other nootropic mushrooms, microdosing psilocybin can offer a wide range of benefits catered to our daily lives.

What is Microdosing?

Approaches to Microdosing

We are big believers in personalized integration. Despite approaches to microdosing that have become more popular in recent years, ultimately your approach to microdosing should be what works best for your lifestyle. Whether it be dosing before exercising to find more energy and focus on your routine, dosing on a nature walk to help you take it all in, connecting more with a lover or substituting a microdose for a tequila shot during a night out on the town. 

For first time microdosers, it is recommended you are in a comfortable and familiar place with a positive mindset. Overtime you will gauge your own receptiveness to microdosing before fully incorporating into your life and potentially increasing your daily dosage.

Lifestyle Integration

The Worker Bee Marcus in Toronto, ON The Social Butterfly Brogan in Edmonton, AB The Wanderer Chelsea in Vancouver, BC
SUNDAY off 250mg Arouse Dose Netflix and chill 200mg Dialed Dose Journal
MONDAY 100mg Micro Milk Dose Leads meeting 150mg Boost Dose Gym off
TUESDAY off off 250mg Lucid Dose Creative work session
WEDNESDAY 150mg Boost Dose Run 100mg Dialed Dose Work presentation 150mg Boost Dose Yoga
THURSDAY 200mg Dialed Dose High-level strategic planning off off
FRIDAY off 400mg Party Dose Friends house party off
SATURDAY 400mg Party Dose Cocktails with co-workers 250mg Lucid Dose DJ Show 250mg Lucid Dose Hiking

Schedule Planning

James Fadiman Protocol Start with 100mg and increase as needed Paul Stamets Method Start with 100mg and increase as needed
SUNDAY off off
MONDAY Dose Dose
TUESDAY off Dose
FRIDAY off Dose
SATURDAY off off
The microdosing information provided by ZumGarden has not been evaluated by the Canadian Dept. of Health and Welfare or by the US FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or replace medical attention. Please consult your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions before use.

Did you know?

Chloe, Operations Manager

ZumGarden Micro Milk at home and work

“Microdosing has helped me face a lot of challenging healing and has also really helped shift my perspective and get rid of negative thought patterns and behaviours that I’ve been holding onto for years. In a professional environment I find that I am more creative, better able to handle stress, and can easily problem solve.”


Mo, Tennis Instructor

ZumGarden Wellness stack while exercising

“I was confused about what to get due to many products in a saturated market. So happy to find a high quality microdosing product made with LOVE and care! I can always rely on a ZumGarden product for a boost of energy and most importantly heightened prescence no matter the activity! It’s a blessing that Mother Nature produced such healing edibles and the beautiful alchemists at ZumGarden that bring them to us!”

Increased interconnectivity of the brain under a higher dose of psilocybin compared with a placebo

mushroom bundles in canada

Lorraine, Retired Teacher

ZumGarden Boost to recover

“My girlfriend was telling me about her frustration with Lyme disease and I suggested trying ZumGarden to help alleviate tiredness and aching muscles. A few days after microdosing with the Boost blend, she called me to say ‘Thank You!’. ZumGarden’s blends are excellent sources of what you need from energy best to a calming Zen”

Mark, Sales Manager

ZumGarden Party on the weekends

“I had heard that replacing that extra shot at the bar with some mushies could work wonders. Boy did it ever. I love to take ZumGarden party on weekends when I’m drinking to enhance the night and help me remember it! Best of all, zero hangovers.”

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